Meatless dishes


5500 Ft, -
Eggplant slices stuffed with seasoned mixed vegetables
baked in the oven served with bulgur.


6400 Ft, -
We place the vegetable Bulgur and cover it with pan fried
sugar peas, mushroom slices and spinach leaves.
Then comes a mushroom stuffed with cheese which we cover with
crispy fried strips of onion, bell pepper and ruccola.
Next to it we put some Vega Keftedes (pan fried vegetable balls)
and Bourekaki (cheese cream wrapped in eggplant slice)
and served with a brush stroke of artichokes cream and custard cream.


3950 Ft, -
Tasty sauce cooked with a little garlic, fresh basil and tomatoes,
served with tagliatelle-style noodle sprinkled with feta cheese.


5150 Ft, -
Four types of cheese with fresh peppers tomatoes and onions
softly flavored and stacked in pots. We bake it, with a bit of olive oil
until soft. Served with pilaf and pita bread..