Private dining

DAFNI'S ROOM Dafni's room is the hidden gem of the restaurant. With its features it can be an excellent venue for meeting friends and family. It gives you the feeling that you have invited your guests to your own home. The room provides great opportunities for private discussions and book readings. Depending on the seating, it allows convenient hospitality for 20-30 people. Would you like to see it ?

Ask our colleague, who will be happy to open Dafni's room for You!



GALLERY OF ZEUS This spacious room with its stunning panorama is the crown of our restaurant. The interior evokes the intimate elegance of a bourgeois home equipped with the latest communication and presentation tools. With its own cloakroom, restrooms, wine and beverage supplies it will provide You independence from the rest of the restaurant. For what occasions do we recommend this room? Mostly for larger events: Family Holidays, Birthdays, smaller Weddings, Corporate dinners, Trainings, Presentations, News conference...

Would you like to see it ? We would be happy to guide you through the spacious hall of Zeus!