Dessert wines

TOKAJI ASZU 5 puttonyos

0,5 l
21300 Ft, -
The king of wines, the wine of kings.
Intense golden color, complex aroma
and flavor are characterized.


0,75 l
11400 Ft, -
Flowery light taste characterizing this
half sweet white or red wine. Smooth, soft
and round flavor finishing with a crisp acid.


0,75 l
11400 Ft, -
Sweet red raisin wine with intense dark fruit bouquet
of blackberry and blueberry, followed by sweet aromas
of fried figs, plums and chocolate.


0,75 l
11400 Ft, -
Pale golden color liqueur wine with tantalizing aromas of
apricot, overripe melon and butterscotch candy. With an
abundance of flavor, muscat grapes expressed in pure freshness.