White wines


0,75 l
9900 Ft, -
Dry white wine of particular character with
brilliant yellow color, discreet pine aroma, delicate flavor,
balanced taste and characteristic aftertaste


0,75 l
9900 Ft, -
A fresh dry white wine, full and balanced with a strong aroma of
flowers and citrus fruits a palate with a long aftertaste.


15000 Ft, -
The Assyrtiko is the most common grape variety of the Mediterraneum.
This pale yellow wine comes from Santorini's Vineyards with aromas of citrus,
green apple, peach and grapefruit with a particularly metallic shade that fully
expresses the nature of the variety.


10500 Ft, -
Wonderfully beautiful, typically variegated linden leves.
Th elegant white flowered, slightly honeyed and juicy fruit notes are
combined in perfect harmony.

MAGNUS Neszmely

0,75 l
12000 Ft, -
This Cuvée Battonage is a Gem of the Aszar-Neszmely
wine region, made from Sauvignon Blanc and Chardonnay.


0,75 l
13500 Ft, -
The color is light lime. Its scent enchants you. Beautiful barrel spices,
elegant, cool fruitiness and the smell of the salty air typical of the
vineyard emerge from the glass...